SWDCC 2022


Under the global climate change context, combating desertification is remaining one of the most complex challenges with long-term social, economic and environmental implications. It is reported that some two billion people in the world depend on the fragile ecosystems in arid and semi-arid areas. Addressing this issue requires increased scientific research & development, global collaboration, and efficient sharing of technical solutions.

In this framework the Institut des Regions Arides (IRA) of Medenine, University of Gabes, Tunisia, is organizing :
 The International Conference on : Soil and Water resources management for Combating Desertification in Drylands under Climate Change. 

SWDCC 2022

From 14 to 17 June 2022 in Djerba Island, Tunisia.

SWDCC 2022 promotes the major themes of Soil & Water resources assessment and management and the related challenges due to the degradation processes exacerbated by the effect of climate change.

The primary objective of the SWDCC 2022 is to share and spread the knowledge on the impact of climate change on Soil and water resources in arid and semi-arid regions. It will serve as a platform to encourage collaboration and exchange of information, ideas and experience among environmentalists and professionals in related disciplines with particular interests in combating desertification. The conference offers the opportunity to interact and develop network in the field of combating desertification under climate change context through sharing views with experts and possible future collaboration across the world.

The major themes of the conference are the following:

  • Climate Change : Vulnerability and adaptation in drylands.
  • Water resources mobilization and management.
  • Soil degradation and conservation.
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment in drylands.
  • And Geology, geo-resources and environment.
It is an educative conference aiming to provide opportunities for the delegates from around the world to present innovative research papers and case studies in each topic. The sessions will be supported by talks from keynote speakers and scientists specialized in soil and water resources, climate change, desertification processes, land cover and land use change and geology in arid environments.

This honorary event is organized in celebration of:

The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
 17 June 2022.
It is also in:

In Memory of Late Prof. Houcine Khatteli

ex Director General of IRA (1996-2021)
Born in Zarzis (southeastern Tunisia) in 1953, Prof. Houcine Khatteli completed his undergraduate studies in physical geography at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of Tunis (FSHST) in 1977. A year later, he moved then to France where he received his MSc degree from the Sorbonne University. In 1979, he joined IRA as junior researcher in wind erosion and combating desertification. Meanwhile, he prepared doctoral studies and obtained his PhD from the University of Ghent (Belgium) in 1996. Since his appointment at IRA, he has actively contributed, as coordinator or team member, to the realization of numerous joint research projects funded by national and international agencies (WB, ABOS, EU, CSFD, UNU, UNESCO, etc.). His research programs focused mainly on land degradation assessment, wind erosion processes, sand dune fixation, combating desertification, and drylands management. In addition, Prof. Khatteli contributed to building national and international capacities through supervision of visiting scholars, researchers, and students of all levels. Furthermore, he has taught university courses on drylands and natural resources management related issues, and organized tailored local and international training sessions. As far as studies and/or projects conducted by national (Ministries of Agriculture, environment, planning) and international organizations (FAO, UNDP, GTZ, OSS, UNU, etc.) are concerned, he has been solicited to provide expertise and technical assistance to the local development agencies (agriculture, environment, development). He particularly contributed to the implementation of the UNDP/FAO programs on green belt of Nouakchott and sand dune fixation in Mauritania from 1983 to 1991. Prof. Khatteli had published several scientific papers in national and international journals, and edited number of books and book chapters. During the 25 years (1996-2021) of serving as Director General of IRA, he made huge transformations whereby all buildings have been renovated and/or expanded (research and analysis labs, offices, guest houses, etc.) and IRA staff members has almost doubled. Moreover, a strong collaboration with the local and the national organizations has been reinforced while diverse bilateral and multilateral cooperation ties have been expanded. Then, IRA became a center of excellence for many international organizations. In the meantime, appointed as acting director general of the Technopark of the South (2010-2021), he established the setup if the center (personnel recruitment, basic infrastructure, etc), which is currently ready for hosting innovative tech R&D entrepreneurship. Prof. Khatteli passed away on June 16th, 2021, and was buried on June 17th, coinciding with the World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification.


for Excellence in Research and Innovation

Theme of session 2022:

Combating Desertification