Instructions for Poster Presentation

  • ALL authors should use the template downloadable here.
  • Costs associated with printing the poster will be the responsibility of the authors.
  • Refer to the finaal conference program for the time and location of your poster session and set-up time.
  • The poster presenter (author or co-author) must be present at the assigned space during the designated time to discuss the work presented.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Download Poster Template

  • The poster size is (Width/Largeur: 90 cm, Height/Hauteur: 100 cm).
  • The poster orientation is Portrait.
  • The IRA and SWDCC2022 logos and  abstract submission ID number assigned to the poster must be placed in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Be sure to include:
    • The abstract title, author and co-author names, their institution(s), and e-mail addresses, etc. in the upper center of the poster board.
    • Your institution logo in the upper right-hand corner.
    • The SWDCC2022 partners’ logos in the footer.
    • The following headings: “Introduction/Background,” Methods,” “Results,” and “Conclusions”.

Tips for Poster Preparation:

  • Posters should stimulate discussion. Therefore:
    • Keep text to a minimum.
    • Emphasize graphics.
    • Make sure every item included in your poster is necessary.
    • Utilize handouts to supplement your poster, if necessary.
    • Goal: 20% text, 40% graphics, 40% space.
    • Make sure ideas flow logically from one section to the next.
    • Use charts and graphs to illustrate data (avoid large tables of raw data).
    • Use high resolution photographs (web images often will not work).
    • Do not use all capital letters.
  • Be consistent:
    • Keep consistent margins.
    • Keep line spacing consistent.
    • Keep the color, style, and thickness of borders the same.
    • Keep shading consistent.
  • Pick no more than 2-3 fonts.
  • Pick no more than 2-3 colors.
  • Test readability:
    • Title banner should be legible from 6 meters away.
    • Body text should be legible from 2 meters away.